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Commodore 64C specific installation procedure

The Commodore 64C is defined as having one of the "narrow" boards AND the “flat” casing. This combination imposes additional, mechanical restrictions on how the BeamRacer can be installed as following the regular installation would typically lead to a situation where the computer casing cannot be closed after the installation. To work this around we need to forfeit the additional “riser” socket in order to install the BeamRacer lower. For this to work well, a few components on the mainboard, especially the “C36” capacitor needs to be bent away to a horizontal orientation. This makes enough room to install BeamRacer.

C36 capacitor

When testing this approach we found that in some boards the capacitor C36 is loaded and soldered in a way, which prevents bending it away without damaging. Please DO NOT FORCE-BEND any of the components on your mainboard! If it can't be easily bent away, it needs to be re-soldered with enough play to allow it to be put horizontally over the mainboard. Seek trained technician help if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself! We haven't yet seen a board where other components would need to be re-soldered to allow positioning them flat. Still - YMMV

  1. Make sure that none of the “C36”, “C37”, “C77” nor “Q3” components stand in the way before
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